Flux Communications

A small Publicity agency that has been operating in Cape Town for the past 9 years. The agency is run by Kelly Burke and Katie Armstrong, who both have extensive experience in publicity, marketing and consumer relations.

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The aim of all publicity campaigns should be to create top of mind awareness of your company’s brand, lifestyle or product offering. You want the public to look to you as the industry leader and guru in all things relating to your area of expertise.


Campaign Management

Kelly and Katie, as media specialists, handle all accounts within the company. With our extensive media knowledge, relationships and experience we are able to handle all media and publicity requirements leaving you free to focus on the running of your business, and hence do what you do best. Read More


Campaign Strategy

Realizing that not everyone has the exact same needs; we prefer to meet with potential clients to discuss their specific needs and goals in order to come up with a “perfect fit” proposal for their needs. Read More


Past Examples

Visit our Flux Communications Facebook page for more info on us and for examples of coverage we have obtained for some of our client. Click Here